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Rent A Bucket Truck with a Qualified Electrician


Bucket truck Rental for Commercial Property ManagersCommercial Property Managers, and Strip Mall Owners we rent bucket trucks and we are here for you.

We know you don’t always have the gear to fix high or hard to reach electrical issues. It could be as simple as changing a light bulb in a parking lot, or as complex as overhead wire pulling, or electric service repairs. No matter what your needs we have the equipment and the expertise to solve your lighting and electrical needs.


  • Hourly rate includes bucket truck, and qualified electrician: $175 per hour
  • Min. 3 hour rental
  • +$45 for after hrs rate
  • +$75 for sunday/holdiday rate
  • Materials billed at cost plus 18%
  • Mileage fee is free for the first 10 miles, and $3.00 per mile after that

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We also offer emergency electrical services, as well as being a one-stop shop for all your commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical needs

Who Hires Us?

Property Managers, Strip Mall Owners, Commercial Property Managers, Parking Lot Managers, Electrical Contractors, Apartment Complex Superintendents, Sign Companies and more.

Yes we also do….

  • Christmas Lighting
  • Banner, and Sign Installation
  • Lighting repair and maintenance
  • Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, New Construction, and Repair
  • Generator Installations
Ask us how you can save money your lighting maintenance costs
With your next service visit ask our qualified technicians to discuss upgrading your parking lot fixtures to LED to save up to 80% on your electric bill, as well as leave your site maintenance free for up to 5-7 years

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